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By Hans Ulrich Obrist
February 1999

John Brockman is the literary agent, writer, impresario and producer whose engagement in the arts and sciences forms the very foundation of his remarkable business. Based in N.Y.C he holds a position as one of the true networkers on the American and international scene of art, science, media and culture. 


By Warren St. John 9.1.1999

John Brockman — literary impresario, idea guy, brat — is on a mission to force book publishing to accept its digital destiny.

Science Times

By Phil Leggiere 12.30.1997

"What Is the Question You Are Asking Yourself?"


By John Gorman 10.14.1997

A few months ago, a group of authors gathered at a country house in Connecticut for a weekend, taking walks in the meadows and woods, dining alfresco and talking about their work. They did not, however, discuss movie rights, the fate of the novel or the current rash of memoirs.They talked about multiple universes, the philosophy of mathematics and the nature of consciousness.


By Steve Lohr 6.19.1995

For all its growth in recent years, the personal computer industry has a dominant culture—a curious blend of frontier capitalism and the social values of the 1960's.


"Brockman's book is a long-overdue antidote to the inane outpourings of our arts-dominated media."

By Robert Matthews 3.6.1995

LYNN can't stand Richard, and Francisco loathes Marvin. Nick thinks Steve and Richard should kiss and make up and no one understands Brian.


"Brockman has been skillful at reinventing his own reality over and again." 

By John Cornwell 10.2.1994

Could the talent he brought to promoting Andy Warhol harm science publishing? John Cornwell on John Brockman.


"When John Brockman walks into publishers' offices anywhere in the world, cheque books open."

By Michael White 12.13.1992

Surrounded by state-of-the-art computers, modems and fax machines, and a small team of lively, friendly assistants, Brockman and his partner and wife, Katinka Matson, present to the world the style trappings you would expect of New York's fastest-expanding and most tuned-in agency. Together, and in a remarkably short time, they have carved an impressive swathe through the New York publishing scene.


"Last spring...New York literary agent John Brockman fired a fusillade over the bow with a short monograph he calls "The Emerging Third Culture."

By Peter Catalano 11.28.1991

Ideas: The Ecletic Group Meets to Consider and Discuss What One of its Founders Says is the Only News—Science.

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