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Head Movie Trailer, 1968


By Andrian Kreye 3.15.2019

John Brockman has long called for, and practiced, the unification of the natural sciences and humanities into what he has called “the third culture”. He is the founder of the debate forum, where scientists, writers and artists work together to ask the great questions of the present. Since 1981, his "Reality Club" has held gatherings in New York, San Francisco or London in pubs, lofts, museums and living rooms. In 1996, he migrated  the debate to on the web, which led to his Edge dinners.

"John Brockman's dinners are today's 'Roundtables'"


“If the creation of contemporary culture had a global hero, his name would coincide with that of John Brockman.”

Interview by Gianluigi Ricuperati 3.11.18


Ask the Founder of one of the smartest websites in the world

Interview by Yang Lu
January 2018

(Primary criteria for selection to the 2017 “Global 30” is the influence on Chinese society. Political figures are not included in the selection.)

约翰·布罗克曼 John Brockman: Awkwardness, confusion, and contradiction are my three best friends.


“The omnipresent head of publicist John Brockman...represents the most spectacular advertising gambit in recent memory, and one of the most misleading ads ever. No movie could look THAT depraved!”

by R.C. Baker 11.6.18


“Brockman is a piper, key character and mastermind. He has coined the term 'third culture' because he wants to bridge the gap between the humanities and natural sciences.”

by Philipp Holstein 8.22.18


"I have three friends: confusion, contradiction, and awkwardness," Brockman says. "That’s how I try to meander through life. Make it strange."

Literary agent John Brockman flouts the boundaries between art and science.

By Bettina Korek, Portrait by Ogata
November 10, 2016


"The longer you talk to Brockman, the more the metaphor of the 'intellectual enzyme' begins to shine." 

By Andrea Köhler 3.11.2017

For more than half a century John Brockman has been inspiring artists and scientists to ask innovative questions. His website has established itself as a forum for forward-looking ideas.

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