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Photo: John Brockman, Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan at the Factory 1966

JOHN BROCKMAN is a cultural impresario whose career has encompassed the avant-garde art world, science, books, software, and the Internet. He is the founder and chairman of Brockman, Inc., the international literary and software agency specializing in serious nonfiction, and founder and publisher of the online salon, the highly acclaimed website devoted to discussions of cutting-edge science by many of the world's brilliant thinkers—the leaders of what he has termed "the third culture."

His numerous books include (as author) The Third Culture and By the Late John Brockman, and as editor, Possible Minds: 25 Ways of Looking at AI, the Edge Question book series, which includes This Idea is BrilliantKnow This, This Idea Must Die, This Explains Everything, This Will Make You Smarter, and other volumes. He lives in New York City.

Click here for John Brockman's Online Digital Archive. 

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